Aboard Engineering has acquired a dynamometer test bench to perform power measurements and thermal engine management calibration on a wide range of vehicles: tourism, race cars, light commercial vehicles…

banc à rouleau Banc à rouleaux Banc à rouleaux

This Rotronics Autoscan FI X2 dynamometer test bench, along with Kronos software and professional instrumentation, allows our technicians to modify engine management mappings in order to measure and optimize the vehicle’s performance based on various driving conditions.

Aboard Engineering’s dynamometer test bench can be rented from half a day with the technical support of our engine management system experts team.

If you wish to use our bench, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can find together a service tailored to your specific needs

Dyno bench characteristics:

  • Equipped with an air-cooled Eddy currents brake system
  • 400 kW peak power,  250 kW for 2 minutes
  • Low inertia (Fi Technology) double rollers test bench for 2-wheel drive vehicles, either traction or propulsion
  • Controller with embedded KRONOS software
  • Cooling and exhaust gas extraction units
  • Maximum allowable speed: 300 km/h (190 mph)
  • Rollers’s diameter: 600mm
  • Slowness 2 rollers: 17.4 kg.m ²
  • Slowness 1 roller: 17.4 kg.m ²

Compatible trial cell with vehicles 2 driving wheels on 1 axle, drive or propulsion.

This test way allows us to realise the adjustment and calibration on vehicule of the engine monitoring system developed on the ORIANNE platform.

Download the “dynamometer test bench” data sheet