Some achievements by Aboard Engineering

  • Parallel hybrid demo car

      Aboard Engineering, along with 3 Everest Team partners, has developped a demo-car with parallel hybrid powertrain. Demo-car characteristics: B...

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  • LabVIEW expertise

    Strong expertise in LabVIEW development Download LabVIEW flyer  Real-time embedded control: Thermal engine test bench logic controller: speed control, temperature...

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  • Variable Compression Ratio Engine Management System

    Project Aboard Engineering has been supporting the MCE-5 company for developing its engine management system, along the innovative project of...

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  • Closed Loop Algorithms based on the Cylinder Pression

    Context The project target is to develop in line analyse strategies and combustion control strategies of combustion engine, based on...

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  • Helicopter Turbine Speed Measure

    Collaborative project : SYRENA (SYstème de REgulation Nouvelle Architecture)                        ...

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  • Embedded Software

    Vehicle embedded fuel quality sensor (IR Spectroscopy) Project Management : Continental Microcontroller target Version 1 : Freescale HCS 08 Version 2...

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  • Embedded Control Electronics

    Projet : Continuous instillation of additive in fuel line Client : Automotive equipment supplier Aboard Activities : Hardware design & prototype...

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  • Thermoreactor Control

    Developement of a thermo-reactor prototype Design and development of control system Sensors & actuators selection Real-time control system (Compact Rio...

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