Compact Angular Acquisition Tool


Acovi system
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Presentation :

In-cylinder pressure sensors are more and more widely used to calibrate combustion engines. Aboard Engineering proposes a compact and robust angular acquisition tool, easy to use on a vehicle. Developed on the National instruments Compact-RIO platform, 12 V supplied, packaged in quite a small housing, the acovi can be utilized on any research or tuning vehicle whatever its category : car , motorcycle , ATV, boat…

  • Embedded and compact tool
  • 12V supply
  • Industrial Hardware
  • Automotive environnement
  • Real time computation of combustion parameters


Performances :

ACOVI allows to sample and process any analog signal (+ / – 10V) with a 0,5° Crank Angle resolution. For example, using cylinder pressure signals, the acovi computes in real time the key engine combustion characteristics (PMI / IHR / MFB / Pmax / Angle Pmax / pressure-volume diagram.
Thanks to a simple and ergonomic Graphical User Interface (GUI), running on a PC, the user can easily configure the tool parameters (engine architecture, acquisition type, recording mode).


Technical Description :

  • Number of +/- 10V angular analog channels : 4
  • Supported crank target : 60-2 teeth / 60-1 / 36-2 / 36-1 /24 -1
  • Angular resolution of acquisition : 0.5° CA up to 6.000 rpm ; 1° CA up to 10.000 rpm ; 2° CA up to 16.000 rpm
  • Calculation of combustion parameters : PMI – IHR – MFB -pressure / volume diagram Pmax -Pmax Angle
  • Calculated values sent on CAN bus : Pmax / Pmax angle / PMI /MFB


Operating Modes

  • “Acquisition” Mode : all the angular and calculated data are viewable and recordable on the IHM, it is the ideal mode for combustion analysis
  • Stand Alone” Mode: ACOVI performs the angular acquisitions, the calculations and communicates its results in real time through a CAN bus to a calibration tool or an engine control unit


Recording Modes :

  • Manually launched or externally triggered
  • Possible limitations of the record duration (expressed in number of cycles)
  • Pre-trigger : record N cycles preceding the recording trigger
  • “Post-mortem” : record N previous cycles to engine stall
  • Possibility to select the date to be recorded (angular, calculated or both)


Applications :

  • On vehicle combustion analysis (combustion ang hybrid engines )
  • Tuning and calibration on engine and vehicle
  • Characterisation of engine management systems (cylinder pressure…)
  • Reverse engineering of engine management systems
  • Cylinder pressure signal processing for closed loop engine control


Engineering :

On customer request, Aboard Engineering can develop specific functions addressing a particular need