ORPHEO is a tool dedicated at acquiring OBD signals on vehicles running on chassis dyno and send them to the dyno bench automation tool



Key features

Compatibility with the majority of recent vehicles

Automatic connection to the vehicle

Acquisition of PIDs and faults, re-emission on specific CAN bus

HMI software running on Windows

Avoids or reduces vehicle instrumentation during tests



Hardware features

Dimensions  55 x 165 x 240 mm

Weight  1 kg

Material  Aluminum

Protection  IP20

Temperature range  0…+55 °C

Humidity range  15…90 %

Connection to computer  USB


Vehicle-side features

Vehicle compatibility:

  • OBD2 on CAN
  • 125 / 250 / 500 / 1000 kbit/s
  • Standard (11 bits) / extended (29 bits) CAN frames
  • Multi-ECU architecture (thermal engine, electric motor, automatic transmission, …)

PIDs compatibility: all PIDs included in SAE J1979-DA OCT2011 standard, except multiple frames

Chassis dyno supervisor-side features

Cyclic emission of all PIDs on CAN bus to dyno bench automation tool

Cyclic emission of current and confirmed fault number to dyno bench automation tool

Diagnostic protocol on CAN communication to ensure safety during the dyno tests


Human-Machine Interface features

Software running on a computer (Windows OS)

Automatic connection to the test vehicle

At startup, ORPHEO scans for all available PIDs on all ECUs of the vehicle

The list of PIDs being acquired can be configured

Real-time display of engine speed and engine coolant temperature

Display of current and confirmed faults number

Allows erasing of all faults