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Aboard Engineering, Engineer Automatics, electronics and industrial software

Aboard Engineering Aboard Engineering Aboard Engineering

Expert in real time control and instrumentation of embedded systems


Skills : automatics, electronics, real time software, tuning and testing.

Aboard Engineering is an engineering office offering skills in automatics,
electronics, real time software, tuning and testing.


The Company designs embedded control systems for electric machines, internal
combustion engines and hybrid powertrain.
Aboard Engineering offers also various embedded control products for the
automotive, defense, aeronautic, energy et industrial sectors.
Aboard Engineering develop test benches and fixed or embedded
instrumentation equipment. 
Activities : industrial programs and R&D projects


So Aboard led the development of the innovative rapid prototyping platform “Orianne” that helps to design and test new algorithms for engine controls


Products :


  • ASPIN : programmable power driver dedicated to inductive load control (fast electro valves, injectors…).
  • ORIANNE : open ECU embedding an Aboard developed engine management software (gasoline and diesel). Allows to easily test new components, functions, fuels and lubricants on engine and vehicle.
  • ORPHEO : acquisition tool of OBD signals when testing vehicles on chassis dyno and communication with the bench supervisor.


Means :

  • Chassis dyno : to conduct power measurements and powertrain calibration

  • Hardware In The Loop test bench, for software testing  and validation


French Tax Research Credit, since 2007


Company created in 2003.